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Different Patterns To Choose From

Add Character To Your Finished Concrete Landscape Edging

The concrete curbed edging can be stamped with various patterns.As a final installation option, you may choose to have a stamping pattern imprinted in your concrete curbed edging. We have a variety of different patterns for you to select from.

This additional step adds a lot of character to your finished concrete landscape edging. When the extruded concrete curbing is finished and smooth, yet still soft & workable, we then use a molded roller with the stamp pattern of your choice to create the desired impression in the concrete curbed edging.

In addition, we use a tinted release agent, which creates a secondary color to accent your concrete. This is a powdered agent that is used with the roller and adheres into the concrete curbed edging.

When the initial concrete sealing is applied later, it reacts with the tinted release agent and creates the secondary color in a unique pattern.

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Concrete Stamping Patterns